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Geography Optional for IAS/PCS Exams

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Alok Ranjan

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Why Geography is a Safe Option?

Geography Optional is the most popular subject among aspirants

Geography is highly sccoring subject in IAS exam. Apart from this, the subject knowledge of Geography is highly supportive to qualify IAS Prelims. For General Studies of IAS Mains Examination about 21 questions are related to Geography. All these factors make Geography the most popular optional for IAS aspirants.

Conceptual not factual

Geography is highly conceptual and it is combination of Science and Arts. which makes it highly scoring.

Rote learning not reqired

You don't need to memorize facts and figures to score high. If you can explain concepts in simple words, you can score very high in Geography

Scope to use maps and diagrams

In your answers you can use maps, figures and diagrams. Apt and relevant usage of all these can help you to score very high.

No subjectivity and interpretation

Geography is a quasi science and has no scope for subjectivity and interpretation. You can score very high if you have command over concepts

35 to 40 Questions in Prelims

Out of 100 questions in Civil Services Prelims, about 35 to 40 questions are related to Geography, Environment and Agriculture.

300 Marks in GS Mains

About 21 questions in General Studies Paper I and Paper III are related to Geography, Environment, Disaster Management, Resources, Agriculture and Industry

Secret Sauce

Score 300+ in Geography with Alok Ranjan

Structured course

Classes to be delivered as per the planner with proper scheduling and sequencing

Well researched study material

Regularly updated and well researched study material prepared by competent team

Hand written model answers

Hand written model answers by Alok Ranjan and IAS toppers for improvement of writing skills

Regular tests with personalised feedback

Regular tests on exact UPSC pattern with micro and macro analysis and detailed feedback

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Development of Writing Skills

Step By Step Process to Improve Your Answer Writing

Conceptual Clarity

Consolidation of concepts on which the strong edifice of all your answers shall be built

Expressing ideas through Maps

Regular practice of quickly and effectively using maps, diagrams and flowcharts in the answers

Mulidimensional prespectives

Insights to incorporate multidisciplinary but synthetical ideas, new paradigms and dichotomies with a solution seeking approach

Current Affairs & Contemporary Researches

Enrichment of answers with relevant case studies, examples and pertinent data that was in news

Course Structure

Structured Course with emphasis on sections that are Highly Scoring

Topics (English Medium)
Topics (Hindi Medium)
Live Classes
Supporting Live/Video Classes
1. Geomorphology भू-आकृति विज्ञान 16 4
2. Climatology जल वायु विज्ञान 16 4
3. Oceanography समुद्र विज्ञान 10 3
4. Mapping मानचित्र 4 3
5. Physical Geography of India and Current Issues भारत (भौतिक विन्यास) एवं समकालीन मुद्दे 12 4
6. Biogeography जैव भूगोल 4 1
7. Environment and Current Issues पर्यावरण भूगोल एवं समकालीन मुद्दे 5 3
8. Agricultural Geography कृषि भूगोल 6 2
9. Regional Development and Planning प्रादेशिक विकास एवं आयोजन 6 2
10. Population Geography (Paper 1 +2 ) + Cultural Settings जनसँख्या भूगोल(पेपर 1+2)+ सांस्कृतिक विन्यास 5 3
11. Settlement Geography (Paper 1 +2 ) + Model and Theories बस्ती भूगोल ( पेपर 1+2 ) + माडल एवम सिद्धांत 7 3
12. Political Geography (Paper 1 +2 ) + Model and Theories राजनीतिक भूगोल ( पेपर 1+2 ) + माडल एवम सिद्धांत 3 1
13. Economic Geography (Paper1) + Resource + Industry + Trade and Transport (Paper 2) आर्थिक भूगोल ( पेपर 1 ) + संसाधन , उद्योग , व्यापार एवम् परिवहन ( पेपर 2) 10 1
14. Geographical Thoughts भौगोलिक चिंतन 3 2
15. Human Geography मनाव भूगोल 4 10
16. Class Test क्लास टेस्ट 11
17. Model Answer Writing Classes आदर्श उत्तर निर्माण कक्षा 5
18. Analysis of Previous Year Questions विगत वर्षों के प्रश्नों का विश्लेषण 4
19. Answer Improvement Sessions उत्तर लेखन संवर्धन सत्र 2
20. Long day classes with 4 Sessions 4-5
137-138 46
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No. In past many top rankers in IAS exam with Geography as their optional subject had never studied the subject after class 10th in school. Geography is a unique combination of Humanities and Science. So even Engineers, Doctors and students from Science background are very comfortable with Geography as their optional subject.

The golden rule is to kick-start the prepration with NCERT books. Start consolidating your concepts with NCERT books (class VI to XII) along with G.C. Leong, and than gradually move on to advanvce books and study material of coaching institute. However, our initial classes before the various parts of the syllabus deal with all the fundamental concepts of the relevent topics. Hence, reading NCERT in not an essential condition before joining the classes.

You need to have indepth knowledge of Geography along with good presentation skills to impress the examiner and score high in the exams. In the course, we conduct special answer writing sessions to improve your presentation skills and language. Apart from this regular class tests are conducted with detailed and personalized feedback for the improvement of answer writing. Handwritten model answers by Alok Ranjan are also provided to the aspirants along with the study material. The understanding and memorization of class room dictations and reading supplementry notes along with certain relevant pages of prescribed books also helps you to score higher.

No. Current Affairs and latest data related to Geography will be taught in the class by Alok Sir. The study material given by us is also very regularly updated to include current affairs.Moreover, 60% to 80% of questions in Geography Optional are traditional in nature, Current Affairs are like pudding on the cake.

In essay paper there is atleast one topic asked directly related to geography every year. Even in other topics in essay except the philosophical topics knowledge from geography can be helpful in writing essays. For example in 2018, there was an essay ‘Management of Indian border disputes – a complex task’. It is directly related to Geography or perspectives in Human Geography

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New Batches for Geography Optional
English Medium 1st Nov, 2022
Hindi Medium 27th Sept, 2022

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