Published on: 11/12/2020 5:16:23 AM

Facts related Superlatives like biggest, largest, longest, smallest are very important for competive exam. Read the list of superlatives of the World to maximise your general knowledge.

Superlatives of the World

(The Largest, Biggest, Smallest, Longest, Highest etc.)

Tallest Animal (on land)


Biggest Bell

Tsar Bell, Moscow

Fastest Bird

Peregrine Falcon (322 km/hr)

Largest Bird


Smallest Bird

Bee Humming Bird

Longest Bridge (Railway)

Dan Yang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, Beijing (China)

Tallest Building

Burj Khalifa, Dubai (U.A.E.)

Tallest Residential Building

432, Park Avenue, New York (US)

Biggest Cinema House

Roxy (New York)

Highest City

Wen Zhuan (Tibet, China) 16,732 ft.

Largest City (in population)

Tokyo [(3,71,26,000), Est. population in 2011]

Biggest City (in area)

New York (8,683 sq. km.)

Largest Continent


Smallest Continent


Largest Country (in population)


Largest Country (in area)


Largest Coral Formation

The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Largest Dam

The Three Georges Dam (China)

Longest Day

June 21 (in Northern Hemisphere)

Shortest Day

Dec 22 (in Northern Hemisphere)

Largest Delta

Sundarbans, India (8000 sq. miles)

Largest Desert (world)

Sahara, Africa (84,00,000 sq. km)

Largest Diamond

The Cullinan (over 1 lb.)

Longest Epic

The Mahabharata

Largest Island

Greenland (renamed Kalaatdlit Nunaat)

Largest Lake (Artificial)

Lake Volta (Ghana)

Deepest Lake

Baikal (Siberia, Russia); depth 5314 feet (1,637 m)

Highest Lake

Titicaca (Bolivia) 12,645 ft. above sea level

Largest Lake (Fresh water)

Lake Superior, U.S.A.

Largest Lake (Salt water)

Caspian Sea (3,71,000 sq. km.)

Largest Mosque

Masjid-al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia (3,56,800 sq.m)

Biggest Library

National Kiev Library, Moscow and Library of the Congress, Washington

Highest Mountain Peak (world)

Everest (Nepal) 29,035 ft. (8,850 m)

Highest Mountain Range


Longest Mountain Range

Andes (S. America) about 7,000 km in length

Biggest Museum

Louvre (Paris)

Tallest Minaret (Free standing)

Qutub Minar, Delhi 238 ft.

Deepest And Biggest Ocean

The Pacific

Largest Palace

Imperial Palace (Gugong), Beijing (China)

Largest Park

Northeast Greenland National Park, Greenland

Largest Peninsula

Arabia (32,50,000 sq. km.)

Coldest Place or Region

Vostok (Antarctica), Temperature -93.2°C

Driest Place

Atacama Desert (South America)

Largest Planet


Brightest and Hottest Planet (also nearest to Earth)


Farthest Planet (from the sun)


Nearest Planet (to the sun)


Smallest Planet


Highest Plateau

Pamir (Tibet)

Longest Platform (Railway)

Gorakhpur (U.P.) India (1366.33 m)

Largest Platform (Railway)

Grand Central Terminal, New York (U.S.A.)

Largest Port

Port of Shanghai (China)

Busiest Port

Port of Shanghai (China)

Longest Railway

Trans-Siberian Railway (5,772 miles long)

Longest River

Nile (6690 km), Amazon (6570 km)

Longest River Dam

Hirakud Dam (Odisha), India 15.8 miles

Largest Sea-bird


Largest Sea (inland)

Caspian Sea (1,43,200 sq. miles)

Brightest Star

Sirius A (also called Dog Star)

Tallest Statue (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel)

'Statue of Unity' (182 m). Sadhubet, near Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat (India)

Tallest Statue (bronze)

Bronze Statue of Lord Buddha, Tokyo (Japan)

Tallest Tower

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAB-2,716.5 ft

Longest and Deepest Rail Tunnel

Gotthard Tunell (Switzerland) (57.09 km)

Longest and Largest Canal Tunnel

Le Rove Tunnel (South of France)

Longest Tunnel (Road)

Laerdal, Norway (24.51 km)

Highest Volcano

Ojos del Salado, Andes, Argentine-Chile (6,885 m.)

Largest Volcano

Mauna Loa (Hawaii)

Longest Wall

Great Wall of China (1500 miles)

Highest Waterfall

Salto Angel Falls (Venezuela)

Longest Strait

Straight of Malacca

Broadest Strait

Davis Straits (Greenland and Baffin Island, Canada)

Narrowest Strait

Chaliks - 45 yards (Between the Greek mainland the island of Euboea in the Aegean Sea)

Largest Gulf

Gulf of Mexico, Shoreline 2100 miles

Largest Archipelago

Malay Archipelago, Indonesia

Tallest Active Geyser

Steamboat geyser, Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A. 300 ft

Largest River Basin

Amazon basin-27,20,000 sq. miles

World's Rainiest spot

Mawsynram, Meghalay, India (11,873 mm)

Lightest Gas


Lightest Metal


Highest Melting Point

Tungsten, 3422°C

Hardest substance (synthetic)

Wurtzite boron nitride

Hardest substance (comes from meteorites)


Hardest Natural Substance (found on earth)


Largest Diamond producing mine

Orapa (Botswana)

Longest Animal

Blue whale, (recorded length 106 feet, weight-195 tons)

Longest Life-span of an Animal

190 to 200 years, (Giant tortoise)

Largest Land Animal

African Bush Elephant

Fastest Animal

Cheetah (Leopard) 70

Longest jump Animal


Longest wing spread bird

Sooty Albatross

Fastest Dog

Persian Grey Hound (speed 43 m.p.h.)

Longest Poisonous Snake

King Cobra

Biggest Flower

Raffesia arnoldi (Java)

Largest Church

Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome (Italy)

Largest Temple

Angkor Wat (Combodia)

Largest River in Volume

Amazon, Brazil

Longest Corridor

Ramanathaswamy Temple's Corridor, Rameshwaram (5000 feet)

Highest Straight Dam

Bhakhra Dam (India)

Highest Capital City

La Paz (Bolivia)

Largest Asian desert

Gobi, Mongolia

Largest Democracy


Largest Neck Animal


Largest Animal of the Cat Family


Most Intelligent Animal


Bird, that never makes its nest


Wingless Bird


Reptile which changes its colours


Largest Mammal

Blue Whale

Smallest Country

Vatican City

Smallest City

Vatican City

Country with Lowest Population Density


Country with Highest Population Density


Least Populated City

Vatican City

Country with Longest Border


Country with maximum adjoining borders

China (13 Countries)

Shortest River

Roe River (201 Feet/ 61 metre long)