Published on: 11/23/2020 11:35:16 PM

India had six major industries. For Example- Iron and Steel, Textiles, Jute, Sugar, Cement, and Paper. Further, four new industries joined this list namely, Petrochemical, Automobile, Information Technology (IT), and Banking & Insurance.

Growth in the industrial sector is one of the vital figures that affect the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India. There was no proper development of Industry in India during colonial period. The British policy was anti-Indian. For their own benefit they would export raw materials from India to Britain and sold finished products in India. As exception, there were two kinds of the Industries were encouraged in India by the British:

1. Industries using those raw materials the export of which was not beneficial, e.g., Sugar Industry, Jute Industry etc.

2. Industries which were in demand in the Indian markets and the British Industry was unable to fulfil that demand, e.g., Cotton and Woollen industry, cement industry, paper industry etc.


1. Iron and Steel Industry: The iron and steel industry was set up in Arcot district of Tamil Nadu in 1779 AD but it was unsuccessful. In 1872 AD, an iron and steel factory was set up in Kulti-Burnpur which is still working.

2. Aluminium Industry: The first aluminium industry was set up in Jaykaynagar (West Bengal) in 1837 AD.

3. Cement Industry: The first cement industry was established in Chennai in 1904 AD.

4. Chemical Fertilizer Industry: In India, the beginning of chemical fertilizer industry was established of Super Phosphate plant in Ranipet (Tamil Nadu) in 1906 AD.

5. Shipping Industry: The first shipping industry was set up (The Hindustan Shipyard) in Vishakhapatnam in 1941 AD.

6.  Paper Industry: The first paper mill in India was set up in Serampore, West Bengal which was unfortunately unsuccessful. After that, another one was set up in Lucknow (Now closed). Again, a paper mill was set up in Titagarh (West Bengal) in 1881 AD which is still working.

7. Cotton Textile Industry: The first cotton mill was established in Fort Gloster which was unsuccessful in in 1818 AD. In 1854 AD, the first successful cotton mill set up in Mumbai by Kavasji Davar.

8. Jute Industry: It was set up in Rishra (near Kolkata) in 1855 AD.

9. Woollen Textile Industry: India’s first woollen textile mill was set up in Kanpur in 1876 AD with the brand name ‘Lal Imli’.