• Why to Opt Geography

Who should opt geography?

Geography is a discipline which integrates both physical and human science. Its nature is quasi scientific, however not a rigid science with qualification &abstruse methodologies. It’s only deals with the applied sciences to interpret and analyses our surrounding.

Geographical phenomena are all observable and intrinsically related to our lives. Thus we live geography and the discipline becomes more commonsensical.

Students with either arts’ or science background can excel, as geography offers both subjective &objective analysis.

40%of the syllabus is rooted in science and 60%in humanilities.70% syllabus accounts for 95%of the questions thus a science needs to study 30% of the humanistic geography, similarly the arts students require to prepare 25-30% of physical geography.


Geography a defining subject in your success

·         Highest number of results in the last including the top rankers.

·         Highest number of questions in general studies (35-40) , than any other subject

·         In main’s examination.

·         Two geographical topics are asked in essay paper, where you do not need extra preparation as your syllabus covers it all.

·         Role in main’s general studies –geography carries direct question of 100 marks and indirect question of another 120 marks.

·         Certain topics of geography are eternal and compulsive reading for all –such as:

·         Sustainable development

·         Environmental degradation

·         Climate change

·         Natural hazards

·         Ocean research

·         Geopolitics

·         Green revolution    

·         Wild life &conservation

·         Global warming

·         Planning &development

·         Disaster management

·         Space &astronomy

·         Space relation of India with neighboring countries.

·         Resource exploitation, management and conservation.

·         Gens pools & bio diversity and several others…..

Geography covers social sector economy



·         Resources

·         Industries

·         Human development

·         Population

·         Agriculture

·         Trade & transport

·         Poverty

·         Regional development & planning

·         Helpful in understanding of world geopolitics which is based on resources and boundary dispute.

·         Mapping (both India & the world), helps in growth of your general knowledge & awareness.

·         120 marks for mapping in main exam can lift your score by miles in comparison to other subject.